Coming to silence

a person standing on top of a large rock

Silence is a world of peace in which everything

The hindrance in the way of this space of silence, this inner sanctum, is that we are often caught up in our fast-paced world. 

The inner turmoil produced by our daily lives often drowns out the silent voice of our souls. We chase after things that are only short-lived while we forget about the eternal silence that waits patiently for us to return. 

This silence we are talking about is not a particular absence of sound or thought, but a living fullness entirely self-existent. It is the eternal river of life in which our soul unites with the all-harmonising spirit.

This silence, which we can only find when we let everything be, is where our heart tunes in with the harmony that drives all of creation…

But for us to come to and stay in this silence, we must embark on a sacred pilgrimage within. 

Our journey to our silence begins with the recognition that beyond all the turmoil, beyond the endless stream of thoughts and distractions, lies a temple of peace in the heart of our being. A temple not built of stone but of awareness, love, and surrender.

The journey to our inner essence of silence asks us to break things off, even if it is for the shortest possible moment. It urges us to be present in the moment. It invites us to bypass our inner noise by stepping into the now as often as possible. 

And when we arrive in the present moment, our whole life attitude changes. The temple of silence will ask us to learn to listen without responding so that we can understand, connect, and be one with the all-encompassing silence that envelops and permeates everyone and everything. 

Only in this state of silence do we start to discover our true selves that lie past the different roles we play and the titles we might carry. Only when we “drop the role” do we unite with the eternal living presence that unites us all.

In this citadel of silence, we come to clarity and insight, strength and serenity, and we realise from it that we are not separate from the Divine, but all are different expressions of the Divine. 

We start to see that we all are part of the same divine field, and we speak to that part in every one. Silence gives space to the healing and harmonising power of the spirit in and around us.

But for us to come to this silence in our daily lives, we need to cultivate it. 

We need to decide on it. And we can start doing that by trying to observe our own life situations without judgment and reaction. While we look from this broader perspective, we begin to let go of certain attachments because they hinder the silence with too much noise. 

We must seek entrance into this temple, a field that is separated from our inner chaos, and we should stay in it a little longer every day. Each day, we are more focused and seek the entrance to the temple of silence that unites us all as one temple of humanity. 

In this silent temple, we become aware of our thoughts and emotions without getting entangled. From the silence, we observe from a still point that remains unshaken by the storms of life, no matter how hard they beat on our rock of existence. In the silence, we are already in the light of the eternal life. 

And in this silence, we understand and embrace existence’s paradoxes. 

We understand that it is in the emptiness that we find fullness, that it is in letting go that we gain and that it is in solitude that we discover that our union is with all. 

So silence is not just a practice but another way of being; seeing out of the silence with a different lens, we visit the world and ourselves with greater compassion, wisdom, and a more profound love.

Because as we seek silence, then we come to silence, and when we come to silence, we don’t only come home to ourselves but also to each other and the Divine. 

And then we will find our true purpose in the world in the sacred silence. 

It is at the heart of silence that we find the peace that surpasses all understanding and find the love that knows no bounds, and it is in this love that we discover the light that guides us home.

So let us then, no matter where we stand in life and how hard we can find it, try to put things aside for the silence and commit to this journey within. When we cultivate the sacred art of silence, we will slowly but surely uncover the most glorious treasures waiting to be revealed. When we seek silence despite all turmoil and stop listening to the noise of our thoughts and pains, only when we say no to them will we hear the call of the Divine resonating in our souls. In listening to this call, we find our way back to the peace, love, and light that is our true home, that is found in the radiant temple of silence.

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